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In the last few years personal care has acquired an increasingly fundamental role in the construction of male identity.  placing itself as the new normality. The classic look gives way to the search for individual authenticity,  Dictating new parameters in culture, in relationships and in the same rules of attraction.

Far from the mere narcissism, male grooming stands as a new form of masculinity, paying special attention to the care of its appearance and the choice of more and more specific products: hair, beard, perfume, skin care and clothing choice become key elements of the identity to show the world, a choice of styles that are enriched with greater meanings and more and more in contact with their true “I”.

In this article we propose a list of the most popular moods in male grooming , for those who like to take care of their body and their appearance, turning cleaning and personal care into a daily ritual and a question of style.


The Lumbersexual embodies a new model of manhood: the Sexy Woodman. A direct evolution of the metrosexual and urban hipster looks: wide, checked, heavy and unbuttoned shirts, regular cut trousers.  Uncultivated beard, often long and thick, with a result only in appearance of “neglected man” but with a very high level of sophistication . The lumbersexual has the charm of the rough and delicate man at the same time, more carver than woodcutter, perfectly at ease in the city.

Reference brands: Dr K Soap Company, Clubman-Pinaud, Gibs Grooming 

Dandy Wildman

A further evolution of the Lumbersexual look: the wild dandy, still partly rough but with an innately elegant component. Compared to Lumbersexual, the hair is longer while the beard is a constant.  But never exceeds the average and is always very accurate, all combined with a wardrobe much more modern and differentiated.

Reference marks: Morgan’s Pomade

Old Style Gentleman

The timeless elegance that never goes out of fashion, the impeccably “sexy” style of the modern gentleman who leaves no detail to chance. It refers to the style of “Mad Man”, the popular television series about the world of American advertisers of the 1950s, or of “Suits”, the famous Legal series that launched Meghan Markle (now Duchess of Sussex). Perfect shave, hair slicked and never out of place, complete and inevitable tie, to give the idea of ​​a man extremely cared for and attentive to detail. A man who knows his stuff. Always.

Reference marks: Clubman-Pinaud , Lucky Tiger, Reuzel


The term derives from the contraction of “Normal” and “Hardcore”, that is to say: the monotony of the look that becomes cool. A simple look, apparently trivial, but full of meaning. Normcore dress anonymously and casual, a bit ’80s. Generally short hair, regular shaving or always treated beards.

Reference marks: Dr K Soap Company


The male version of the term Milf is the Dilf: acronym of “Dad I’d Like to Fuck”. Men from 40 to 50 years, better if with some white hair and a few wrinkles around the eyes.  But always with an attitude of tender dad. It is the charm of the mature and responsible man.  Not the eternal Peter Pan, not the narcissistic male, but the self-confident, solid man, who knows how to face his commitments and is not afraid to discover his emotions.

Reference marks: Reuzel, Dr K Soap Company