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Bases finished to the millimeter, attachments rigassed strictly to the machine, tufts “on probation”. And the beard? Natural and relaxed. The man who is going to want to look at himself and find certainties. All the trends told by a team of experts

cut that challenges the cliché of the usual scissor (the “just to get them right”, so to speak) and leave a very precise impression to the look. This seems to be the mission of men ‘s haircuts of the next autumn-winter. The trend focuses on details, such as the shades that are left on the neck, sideburns and hairline and also on the textures to be imprinted on tufts and rebellious locks.

The goal, therefore, is to subtract the male styling from the circle of ordinary forms but without losing credibility: “Every year we are submerged in proposals for new haircuts that risk being in vogue the time to get up from the armchair of the barbero, »explains the team of Bullfrog Academy  « We prefer to talk about styles rather than trends, because as well as for cars, watches and shoes, we love to surround ourselves with immortal details that resist the challenge of time ».

Together with them we tried to identify the five must-have cuts to try in the new season.


 The keyword of this style is” texture “: the focus is on the movement created by the strands cut at slightly irregular lengths on the top of the head and defined with opaque and high-tight styling products. One of the most famous testimonials of this style is the character Tommy Shelby of the British tv series Peaky Blinders : he combines it with an undercut, then a clear disconnection between the upper lengths and sides, we prefer it with a much more gradual, more elegant nuance and which allows the cut to last longer. It can be carried to different lengths, to be defined together with the barber along with the characteristics of the face ».


 The crew cut is one of the most immortal cuts you can choose. It’s simple, it’s neat, it’s versatile and it’s pretty easy to maintain. Not for this it is a trivial cut, since it was even David Beckham to bring him back in fashion during his time as a player and that Ryan Gosling has shown off on many occasions. Also in this case the detail that makes it more contemporary is the texture of the upper part.   And the attention to the nuance on the neck and on the sideburns ».


« It is the cutting of American advertising in the 50s, modeled with brillantine,  which still continues to be successful. It is a cut characterized by a linear and soft nuance, with a strong vision of the side line. The upper part of the hair is left long and combed on one side; the sides and the nape, on the other hand, are shaded in a traditional way. Fundamental is that the upper part of the hair follows the shape of the head without creating volume ».


 The classic Italian cut follows the rebirth in stylistic terms of Italy after the Second World War. It is a very long cut both on the sides and on the upper part.   Managed exclusively with the use of comb and scissors to highlight the naturalness of the lengths. To manage the cut, an excellent finish is the Disciplinating Hair Tonic.  A moisturizing lotion ideal for reducing frizz and helping to define the styling for a natural look. Of great style that brought by Willem Dafoe, winner of the Volpi Cup at the last edition of the Venice Film Festival, extremely elegant even if very casual looking ».


 With a decidedly more urban and sporty style, bald fade is a particularly popular cut in streetwear style and black culture. In this cut the hair is adjusted  the machine with gradient varying in length from 0 to 5 mm. L in nuance increases gradually and then get to present, on top of the head, a greater length . For the neck the rigid rule is the zero gradient, the hanging can be left natural or shaped like a machine ».


 The general trend is a very natural and casual beard style.  Now beard is no longer an anti-conformism and therefore the extremes of the past few years have given way to more casual and easy to wear styles. In recent months, also because of the summer and the departure for the holidays, the style most in demand.   Was the one with lengths no more than 2 cm , without razor-free disconections and with edges on the cheeks.  And under the neck naturally faded. It’s a look that’s easy to carry and keep because there’s no need to touch up the perimeter very often. “