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From the bowl cut, the short haircut to the bowl, to the classic and stainless pixie cut for the lovers of androgynous and cheeky hairstyle, you’ll be spoiled for choice if you’re going to give us a cut! The looks with short and short haircuts to be inspired for the Autumn / Winter 2018-2019 are really a lot.

Speaking of short haircuts for Autumn / Winter 2018-2019 is tantamount to making a leap into the world of hairstyle, retracing highlights of its history. The bowl cut, for example, so popular in the ’60s, is back strongly to the fore for the coming months, flanked by the pixie cut that, to tell the truth, has never really gone out of fashion. There are short and very short cuts for all textures – straight, wavy or curly hair – and for all tastes, able to satisfy any style requirement.

Among the haircuts Autumn / Winter 2018-2019 , those dedicated to short hair undoubtedly play a “special” role. 
It can be difficult, in fact, to identify the right cut when you decide to drastically reduce the lengths, but the new trends help us.

Short straight haircuts

Easy to style and certainly simple to discipline, the most fashionable short haircuts will be the geometric ones, extremely rigorous.

Straight short hair in bowl with fringe / Photo: Pinterest

It is not surprising, therefore, that bowl-shaped hair is the ideal solution for those with straight hair like spaghetti.  In this case, it is better to combine a full fringe with a full cut.  Neatly cut and styled with a curved fold.

Smooth cut pixie with side tuft / Photo: Pinterest

Even the classic pixie cut lends itself well to the styling of a smooth crown. We recommend a side tuft to be pinched with a hairpin if you want to give the look a more refined allure.

wavy Short  haircuts

With shaky moves it is good to try not to stifle the dynamism of the hair.  But to regulate it by choosing an ad hoc cut.

Short wavy hair with tuft / Photo: Pinterest

Wavy hair gives the best if combined with cuts and scales, light and jaunty.

Short wavy hair with fringe tuft / Photo: Concept

Yes to the fringe move, to be combed exclusively with the fingers and small amounts of wax polishing. Even the short cuts with maxi tuft.  To be styled as desired, are well married to the wavy hair. Like a crest if you love the rock-punk mood.  Creating a wave with iron if you prefer a more discreet look.

The cuts of short hair

Capitol aside, instead, for expensive hair and extravagant ones!

Short curly and scaled hair / Photo: Pinterest

The mission is to emphasize movement, even exaggerating the volume if necessary.

Short curly hair / Photo: Pinterest

The short curly haircuts are the most suitable for this purpose, to create games of asymmetries that can avoid the flat effect hated by curly women. 
In the gallery, all the short haircuts Fall / Winter 2018-2019 to keep an eye on.