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Milk and champagne dye the blondes. Cinnamon, wine and bitter chocolate warm the browns. Blackberries and raspberries inspire the blacks. All “seasoned” by gold and bronze, to give a special light to every base. The colors of the moment seem to come out of recipes. All to experiment

Blondes, between milk and champagne

It’s time for ” Creamy Blonde ” and ” Vanilla Chai” : on the Internet we do not talk about these new nuances. The firstcomes out of golden reflecting baths: «It is the perfect solution for a sophisticated winter blonde without darkening or turning too much the starting shade» explains the colorist of Gigi Hadid, Sunny Brook . “And the face lights up with a golden light.” The Vanilla Chai is instead ideal for those who love light blond even in winter: it consists of a vortex of platinum and vanilla nuances, leaving the roots darker. «It is created with a vertical balayagegamefreehand and hot-cold ritonalization mixed harmoniously on each head, “explains his creator Amy McManus. “The effect? gentle streaks, like pouring cold milk into coffee ».

Pickles, delicate and spicy

From chestnut (chestnut) to bitter chocolate , even for the chestnut ( 75% of Italian) the inspiration is natural. «The clear mix ash and gold: they are soft on every starting point, giving rich reflections to the hair without distorting the natural color» explains Luigi Sartorio of Redken, confirming that balayage is the winning technique for results never flat or boring. «Warmer terracotta and cinnamon reflections give women with an amber-colored complexion». Like Meghan Markle : its mahogany color warmed by coffee reflections is the most requested brown in the salons. On the social networks , instead, the #winehair goes crazy, brown with wine flavor, intensified by shades of burgundy, black cherry.  Or mulled wine, clearly visible on dark bases. And super elegant on the skins of the moon ».

The reds, a mix of pumpkin and cucullis

The most fashionable haircolor of the season is a middle ground that conquers blackberries and blondes. Orange , in all its nuances, from copper to carrot. To put it socially , it’s time for #pumpkinhair , pumpkin-colored hair, and even the Italian supermodel Mariacarla Boscono confirms it , transformed by the colorist Josh Wood .  «A copper hair with golden reflections gives brightness, delicacy and grit at the same time» confirms Emanuele Temperini , Technical Director Creative Toni & GuyItaly. «Rely on expert hands: a dark base requires first several lightening steps, but also on blondes the tonalization with reddish tones must be calibrated well. Put more seats in the salon into account, until the color stabilizes ».

Gold & silver: I metalli

The “glass hair” trend comes from Korea , reflecting hair like mirrors. A bright finish is the must on every color, but, for a header, you can push the brightness up to the metal range .   «It is an easy gamble to apply an eye shadow on the eyes. it is enough to rely on colorations that deposit pigments only on the surface of the hair. making it sparkling» explains Nico Vinci, L’Oréal Professionnel ambassador. «This is the case of the Color Addict Shimmer service , which creates reflections from gold to silver to copper,visible on both blondes and browns “. Just a few touches to enhance a cut, but you can get a total look of effect, from roots to ends. “In fact,” shimmer “hair are like jewels”.